Memorial Awards

"First Among Equals" - The Kenny Martin Memorial Award

In 2016 CAMS lost another member of its family with the sudden passing of Kenny Martin.

Kenny started building models as a young boy in the 1960s. His interest in model cars grew into an interest in real cars and he began a lifelong pass time of tinkering with all things automotive. By the time he met the love of his life in the early 1970s, Kenny didn't have much time for models anymore although he proudly displayed his finished models in his childhood home. Years went by and he started a family. Raising two young boys and building full size trucks in his back yard did not leave Kenny any spare time for modeling.

When his youngest son started showing an interest in building model cars in the 1990s, Kenny jumped right in with help and support of his son's new hobby. He helped with painting, difficult assemblies, and decals and was just as proud of the finished product as his son. His son kept honing his craft and getting better and better, proudly showing his creations to his father.

By the late 2000s, his son decided that Kenny should get back into models and started buying Kenny kits for Christmas and birthdays. As Kenny started back into the hobby, he would seek his son's help and opinions on his builds in a role reversal of years gone by. Kenny's talent grew and his builds got better and better.

He joined his son as a member of the CAMS club and drew inspiration and hints from fellow members. He was buying and building models up until tragedy struck and Kenny was admitted to the hospital in early 2016, never to return. CAMS 2016 would have been Kenny’s first year as an entrant and he was looking forward to it.

The Members of CAMS thought it fitting that Kenny should be honored by having the First Among Equals named for him, the award for the modeler from the modelers.