CAMS 2024 - 33rd Annual Spring Classic

Congratulations to our CAMS 2024 Memorial Award winners!

Best in Show

Congratulations to Harry Hughes, winner of the Bob Kerasiotis Memorial Award for Best of Show.


1/350 HMS Dreadnought


Harry Hughes (centre) is presented the CAMS 2024
Best in Show award by Yvonne Kerasiotis (left)
and Darren Anderson (right)


First Among Equals

Congratulations to Oleg Kvasha, winner of the Kenny Martin First Among Equals Memorial Award.



1/32 AEG G.IV


Oleg Kvasha (right) is presented the CAMS 2024
First Among Equals award by Chris Martin  (left)


Best Automobile

Congratulations to Cody Bates, winner of the James Moulaisson Memorial Award for Best Automobile.



1/25 1960 Chevy Fleetside



Cody Bates (right) is presented the CAMS 2024 Best Automobile Award
by Darren Anderson (left)